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Henry is a dummy
With plastic skin
And placid eyes

At five thirty he died
By five thirty one
He was lifted onto the ice bath

We didn’t want to send him
To dummy heaven
If it ever existed

We did compressions
Put his head in ice
And an IV line in his arm

Medications went in
Flowing through his blood
And stopped free radicals

Ice bags around his body
Kept the temperature down
While oxygen

Went into his lungs
Saving the brain
Keeping grey matter fresh

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Siete minutos by Ismael Camacho Arango.

The book has a humoristic look on life. We see the corruption and intrigue existing in Latin American governments then and now.

Homer is a foreigner in Colombia. He becomes very rich by taking advantage of poor people and society in general.

Mario is rich but wants to be poor. His butler puts him in a plane to Hawaii where he marries a girl. Then he discovers it was all part of a Holliwood film.

Our two heroes get together for the final chapter of man on this earth. The sun explodes in a nova and sends the planet out of its orbit.

The end of the world is told in an anonymous letter. Then Mario takes over the narrative and tells us what happens in Homerís yacht.

His story is spiced by the effects of the psychedelic drugs he has taken. Mario, Eugene (a girl he befriends) the playboy(someone they find in a frozen tank) and Homer are the last people alive on earth. They meet aliens who look like lobsters.

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